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Frequently asked questions FAQ's

Carefully read all the answers listed herewith.
If you do not find answers to your problems here, fill in one of the “Help” forms in the CONTACTS section.



  • How can I purchase products/services through Venezia Unica?

You can do online purchases at the PURCHASE section of our website.

  • How can I do an online purchase on Venezia Unica?

Please follow the instructions:
- Access the website's general catalogue, by clicking on PURCHASE in the menu;
- Create your own Venezia Unica card from the menu on the right, by writing your name and address (if you have to do purchases for other people/friends, create other Venezia Unica cards);
- Choose the products from the catalogue and connect them to your friends' names;
- Once you have chosen the products you want, click on “Proceed with purchase,” continue on with the purchase procedure, and pay with credit card or PayPal.

  • My purchase was denied to be processed: email address already registered. What can I do? 

If you wish to make a second purchase or if you are having problems logging in using your email, please do the following steps: go to the "Login" page, click on “Request new password", enter your email in "Username or email" and click on "Send new password by email". Please check your mailbox: you will receive an email confirming that your password has been changed. You can now make your purchases using your email address.

  • What is the cart?

The cart describes/is a list of all the products/services you have chosen to buy.
If the catalogue page or the cart list page is accidentally closed, you can retrieve it by clicking on the CART icon which can be found at the top right of the website.
If you want to eliminate a product that you have already put into the cart, you can do so by clicking on ELIMINATE (or on the X) found next to each product /service you have already loaded.
It is impossible to have same/identical products on a single Venezia Unica card i.e. you cannot have two 24hr-ACTV-tourist-tickets on the same card.
If you want more than one product of the same type in your cart, you must create as many Venezia Unica cards as the number of same products you require (click on ADD CARD on the menu at left, to create the number of cards you need) and load the identical product onto each new card.
If you want to continue with purchases and add other products/services to the cart, go back to the General Catologue by clicking on PURCHASE found on the main menu.  Then to check the contents of your cart, you must click on the CART icon found at the top right of the the website.
To confirm your choices and proceed with purchase, click on PROCEED WITH PURCHASE.

  • How much do products bought on the Venezia Unica circuit cost?

The cost of the transaction is the same as the cost of the products listed in the cart before starting the payment procedure with credit card or PayPal
There is no extra cost or commission for pre-sales on this circuit.
Therefore the cost of products and the total online cost of the procedure is what you see before the actual payment procedure begins.

  • Where can I find information about ticket costs for special groups, children or disabled persons?

GROUPS: Professional tourist operators and pertinent associations may buy tickets for groups etc. from ACTV Public Transport through a special purchase section found on the General Catalogue:
The following groups may buy ACTV tickets:
Senior Citizen groups (+65 years of age) and Organized tour groups (20 people minimum)
Student /Class groups (10 students minimum)
from other EU countries.
CHILDREN/DISABLED PERSONS: for reduced prices/free entry, please check information given about each single product/service on the General Catalogue.
For more than 60 tickets, you can send a e-mail to Backoffice

  • Is possible to ask for invoce?
Occasional users can request an invoice only for those services purchased on Venezia Unica and listed on the invoice request page.
The invoice will be issued within 90 days of the request by the company providing the service
  • How do I forward a complaint?

You can make a remark or complaint about online purchase service, by filling in the Help/Assistance form found in the CONTACTS section.

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  • What is a PNR Code and what's it for?

A PNR Code identifies each Voucher you buy and is automatically assigned by the Venezia Unica system. This code is made up of a series of letters and numbers (e.g. XYZ123XYZ); is univocal and only valid for a 'certain' transaction; the PNR is printed on the front of the voucher and in the confirmation email you receive, when you have purchased a service/product.
The PNR code is absolutely necessary when retrieving the voucher at FIND YOUR VOUCHER

  • What can I do if I lose my PNR code and don't have a paper copy of the Voucher?

Access HOW IT WORKS – ONLINE SERVICES, by clicking on FIND YOUR VOUCHER where you will be able to find your PNR codes, see and print the relative vouchers.
Attention: To obtain this information you will have to digit the email address and date of purchase of the service/product that you wrote on the original purchase form.

  • How much time do I have to complete this PNR retrieval process?

You can retrieve the PNR code by accessing the website section during the Voucher's validity period, i.e. within 24 months from the date of purchase. After such time, validity expires and it won't be further possible to retrieve the appropriate voucher.

  • How much time do I have, to use the services/products I've purchased?  
You have a time limit of 24 months from the date of purchase. With the exception of services/products valid for a certain date: e.g. AVM parking – the validity date indicates the service or ticket's exact date of use.

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  • What methods of payments are accepted on the Venezia Unica website?

Online purchases on Venezia Unica can only be done by using a credit card.

It is possible to use PayPal.

The following credit cards are accepted:
- Visa
- Visa Electron
- American Express
- Mastercard
- International Maestro (issued abroad)
- Carta Si

Revolving Cards can be used only if they have been authorized for online purchases and belonging to one of the credit card circuits accepted by Venezia Unica eg. VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS, MonetaOnline).
We can assure you that information inserted on Venezia Unica is protected thanks to our encrypted server.

  • Is credit card payment safe?

To guarantee maximum security, online transactions of purchases are carried out through secure server, with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. Credit card transactions are absolutely safe, as neither the suppliers of our services/products/ “Service Providers” nor the company know the credit card codes. The code is only used for payment operations in association with an amount and a transaction number; if payment is successful, we receive a sales receipt number from our “acquirer”.

  • Can I make a website purchase if I am under-aged?


  • Why can't I pay with my credit card?

For various reasons:
- You didn't digit the Secure Code or 3D Code. Contact your bank to get this code.
- You digited a wrong credit card number
- Did you digit the name of a non-accepted card?
- Did you digit, using spaces?
- You didn't digit the CVV2 code
- Did you use up your credit? Contact your bank and check.

  • What is the CVV2 code and where can I find it?

You can find the CVV2 code on the back of your credit card, printed in the space reserved for your signature; you will find the last 4 numbers of the card code, followed by 3 numbers: that is the CVV2.

  • What is the Secure Code or 3D Code and where can I find it?

They are security credit card codes, which have been assigned when subscribing to the card on the appropriate portal (eg. CartaSì or Mastercard website) upon user's request, or authorized on default by banking institutions or credit card companies. For more information about Secure Code or 3DCode, we advise you to ask your bank or credit card portal.

  • How can I pay online with PayPal?

On the payment page, click on “PAY WITH PAYPAL” and you will be asked to digit your PayPal account access information. If you don't yet have a PayPal account, you will be invited to open one, by filling in the registration form.
Once you gain access, you must check and verify information about payment. If information corresponds, you can click on “ACCESS” to continue and conclude payment. After this, go back to the VeneziaUnica website to see your voucher.

  • Can I cancel an already paid-for purchase/voucher?

You can cancel a transaction without any extra cost within an hour, by clicking on “CANCEL VOUCHER” that is present on the “Voucher” page.
You can cancel the entire voucher only if no purchased product/service has been already issued/used.
To access the online page of your voucher FIND YOUR VOUCHER
If payment has been successful and one hour has passed, you do not have any RIGHT TO CANCEL, the purchase. You are not entitled to any reimbursement, nor are you allowed to change any date. For more information, check Sales Conditions.

  • Have I got a right to cancel?

We wish to advise consumers that the contract refers to the supply of free-time products and services, such as ENTRIES, for which the supplier is engaged at supplying on a specific date or time. The RIGHT TO CANCEL as pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code, cannot be applied.
Instead, the right to cancel can be applied when long-term buying and selling of services/products different from Entries are involved, unless such goods are listed in categories where the right to cancel has been expressly excluded as mentioned art. 59 of the Consumer Code. In such case,  the Consumer may legally cancel within 14 days from the date on which he/she acquires physical possession of the products purchased, by sending Customer Care an explicit declaration setting out his/her decision to withdraw from the contract, filling out the form available at the section on Venezia Unica.

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  • How do I know if an online purchase has been successfully completed?

If payment is successful, the system will show the VOUCHER. It must be considered as RECEIPT OF PAYMENT indicating all transactions done. You then must print the VOUCHER on which will be shown details of purchase, method of ticket issue or service use. Within a half hour of payment, you will also receive a confirmation email regarding purchase and a link to the page of your voucher.

  • Why haven't I yet received a confirmation email after an online payment?

Verify that your email in-box has not exceeded the threshold allowed by your provider, or that a possible anti-spam filter has blocked the confirmation message, which however is not binding on the validity of the purchase.
Venezia Unica declines any responsibility for missing delivery of confirmation email, or in the case of missing delivery, because of invalid/erred/incorrect information given at registration. However you can always try to retrieve your VOUCHER by following indications at FIND YOUR VOUCHER.

  • How can I see and print the VOUCHER/receipt of purchase later on?

You can check your purchases on this website through FIND YOUR VOUCHER by following the indicated steps.

  • Can I obtain a fiscal receipt for my purchases on the Venezia Unica circuit?

The Venezia Unica e-commerce system does not allow for the issue of fiscal receipts/invoices from online purchases.
Vela Spa is a third-party vendor of product/services. When selling, it issues a receipt of payment for products purchased. (VOUCHER)
Should an invoice be necessary, we advise you to contact each single Service Provider by using the form in the HOW IT WORKS > TERMS and CONDITIONS section.

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  • How do I get the tickets for the services I purchased?

The method of delivery/use of each single product/service purchased is specified synthetically on the VOUCHER (receipt of payment).
We advise you to carefully check methods of use for each product/service purchased. Here is also a short summary:  print the confirmation voucher appearing after your credit card details have been accepted.
If necessary, reprint your voucher after connecting to the web page from your email link. The voucher contains the PNR code which is univocal. Such code must be indicated in case of assistance request.
ACTV tickets: convert the voucher into tickets at the automatic self-service ticket machines (TVM) or at one of the Venezia Unica ticket offices
ALILAGUNA tickets: convert the voucher into tickets at one of the Alilaguna ticket offices .
VERITAS Toilet Card: use the bar code printed on the voucher or saved on your smartphone to go through the turnstiles.
Venice City Museums: use the bar code printed on the voucher to go through the turnstiles/in lesser important museums, and/or if turnstiles are not present, present the voucher with the bar code at the ticket office (the pass only allows one museum entry)
-  “La Fenice” Theatre/Opera house: to pass through the turnstiles, use the bar code printed on the voucher
Venezia Unica City Pass for Churches and Museums (ADULT, JUNIOR, SAN MARCO): present your voucher at the ticket offices of the included services (except for Venice City Museums – use the  bar code, see above )
-  Council Car Parkingpresent your printed voucher with your PNR code to the person-in-charge at the entrance.

  • In case of a strike, am I liable for a ticket refund?

No refund is forthcoming for any Venezia Unica purchases be it a strike or any other reason/activity not ascribable to Venezia Unica.

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