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What to pack?

What to pack?

What to bring with you

To visit Venice and fully enjoy the beauty you need to do it on foot.

In autumn and winter, the city can be shrouded in fog and in the summer there may be some sultry days (check here  for today's weather), but the climate is pleasant for most of the year.

If you are travelling with children is therefore necessary that you bring suitable equipment for them:

  • a hat (both in summer and winter)
  • a lightweight raincoat
  • a drinking cup or water bottle to fill, when necessary, at one of the public drinking fountains
  • a snack
  • rubber boots (in spring and autumn when there could be high water)
  • comfortable shoes

If your child is small and is not yet walking we recommend you bring:

  • a papoose or a backpack baby carrier (instead of a pushchair)
  • or, a pushchair with three wheels (with a large distance between the wheels to make getting on and off bridges easier).

If the child is bigger:

  • a ticket for public transport (ages 6 and above)
  • a camera
  • a pencil and a notebook for notes / drawings or a bag for keeping small souvenirs

We recommend…

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    Teatro La Fenice is definitely a must for making your stay in Venice unique.



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