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City of Venice

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Refill Venice

Refill Venice

Fill up with good water!
Drink water from the taps and drinking fountains in Venice: it's good, checked, and safe. Moreover, you can save and and there is less wastage.

Only one water bottle and you can fill it up heaps of times!

There are over 100 drinking fountains with good, safe, free water. Take advantage of the situation!
The drinking water in Venice is one of the best in Italy, for its quality and characteristics which are carefully checked and also safe.
Each year, 10,000 samples  and 200,000 parameters are checked by various accredited laboratories
(Fonte: www.veritas.it)
Buy your own re-usable bottle, take it with you during your travels and fill it up whenever you want.
With the “Fuorirotta the other map of Venice", you can find the nearest drinking fountain where to fill up!

Discover where the drinking fountains are: have a nice drink!

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